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Speak naturally and have our transcriptionists type for you

Philips SpeechScribe is the cutting-edge transcription service that does the typing for you. All you have to do is speak, we do the rest.

Hours and hours of valuable time are used every month for typing all kinds of reports, leaving you less time to spend on more important things. Since the average person can speak seven times faster than they can type, Philips has created an innovative solution for you to speak your reports and turn them into documents in no time.

Just like having your own personal assistant.

How it works:


Speaking naturally,
dictate your document
or report.


It will be accurately
transcribed by an industry-
specific trained professional.


Receive your ready text
document straight to
your inbox in no time.

Product highlights

Philips SpeechScribe is the cutting-edge transcription service that simplifies your life


Accuracy and quality

Our highly trained professional transcribers produce extremely accurate writings which guarantee you the highest possible quality. SpeechScribe documents are so accurate that on average 999 in 1000 documents are delivered flawlessly, representing one of the highest precision rates in the industry. Accuracy and quality can be guaranteed due to our four-eye-principle quality checks. Your recordings will be thoroughly transcribed and then double-checked by a different team member, to deliver exactly what you expect: perfect results.

Turnaround time and delivery

SpeechScribe is a fast, accurate and high quality transcription service. Transcripts are delivered within 24 hours because we know that our customers value fast turnaround times. Important and urgently needed dictations can be prioritized and delivered within 5 hours. Documents are automatically sent back to your SpeechLive account. In addition, you can get either a delivery notification or even the whole document sent directly to your preferred email account.


Security and confidentiality

We value your trust and understand your security concerns when it comes to personal or confidential business documents. To assure the safety and security of all client documents we guarantee maximum data security throughout the whole workflow. Additionally, the most advanced encryption standard available is used to protect your data during upload and download. To protect your privacy, no client information or documentation is shared with anyone. Our transcriptionists are held to strict non-disclosure agreements. Our service does not forward transcription jobs to home-workers and also does not use any speech recognition.

Availability and reliability

SpeechScribe offers great reliability. Our professional transcribers are always at your disposal. There are no downtimes due to illness or vacations as it might be the case with administrative staff. SpeechScribe transcription service is always available.


Easy formatting

SpeechScribe can apply formatting when transcribing your dictations. If you want to receive your finished document in a specific format, simply dictate your formatting requests, for example 'Please write the next sentence in bold.'

Speak the way you speak

When writing your reports, nothing lives up to a real person transcribing. SpeechScribe is your personal assistant in the cloud, understanding exactly what you mean. Speak as you are used to and get perfect results. No need to adjust your speaking habits or learn complicated commands as required for speech recognition. Our professional transcribers will provide you with accurately written documents.

Seamlessly integrated

SpeechScribe can be seamlessly integrated into your company wide dictation workflow. Enjoy the benefits of the solution right away, no need to install any additional software. SpeechScribe transcription service is self-explanatory and simple, no IT know-how needed.


Multi-speaker transcription

SpeechLive offers the transcription of multi-speaker recordings involving two or more persons. Recordings with multiple speakers might include: interviews, phone conversations, witness statements, press events, meetings, or any other recording situation.

Industry-specific transcribers

The transcription service gives you access to professional transcribers with specialized vocabulary for all industries. No matter which industry jargon, your dictation will be analyzed and then assigned to an appropriately skilled transcriber.



Saves money and time

Dictating one page of text only takes about 2 minutes. Typing this same page will take on average 14 minutes. In industries where extensive documentation is required, such as medical and legal environments, SpeechLive can save up to 86% of time normally spent on typing. Allowing professionals to focus on their core tasks.

Industry-specific transcription

SpeechLive offers high class transcription services to various businesses including professionals form the legal industry, healthcare industry, construction industry, insurance industry, law enforcement, real estate industry, journalism industry and finance industry.

Our transcription service specializes in transcribing recordings with a single speaker, as well as the transcription of multi-speaker recordings involving two or more persons. Recordings with multiple speakers might include: interviews, phone conversations, witness statements, press events, meetings, or any other recording situation.


The pricing of our transcription service is based on a prepaid account system, to make the process very easy and convenient for you. Simply charge your account with a certain amount of money and then pay as you go. You can even enable an automatic refill function, which will automatically recharge your account with a predefined amount once a certain threshold is reached. Your account will be charged per dictation minute. To dictate a full page on average will take 3 to 5 minutes.

Price per dictation minute* 1 speaker + priority 2 speakers 3 speakers 4-5 speakers 6+ speakers
R 27.00
(R 23.22 ex VAT)
+25% R 51.00
(R 43.86 ex VAT)
R 65.00
(R 55.90 ex VAT)
R 71.00
(R 61.06 ex VAT)
R 85.00
(R 73.10 ex VAT)**

Delivery time will depend on the file length and number of speakers:

  • A dictation with one speaker and up to 120 min length will take up to 24 hours.
  • A dictation with two speakers and up to 180 min length till take up to 72 hours.
  • Dictations marked as “priority” with up to 25 min*** length will take up to 5 office hours.
  • Dictation exceeding the indicated lengths above may take longer to transcribe. In this case you will receive an email with the estimated delivery time.

*Transcription is billed in full-minute increments and rounded up to the next full minute.

** Priority dictations which exceed 25 minutes are automatically changed to non-priority dictations. User will be notified by email.

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